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's rather anticipated Nike Kyrie 2 "Crossover" is finally on sale; the design inspiration Erwin, those incredible changes to extraordinary. in black and white with orange, very dynamic, and vamp Velcro patterns are very sporty. What do you think? NIKE KYRIE 2 "CROSSOVER" color: White / red / black number: 838639-990 release date: May 14th offer price: $120 it will continue the theme camouflage in Air Jordan 28 SE shoes, new color exposure, choose black collocation yellow camouflage texture, is reminiscent of Marquardt golden eagles team colors. Zhejiang actively respond to trade friction mechanism the day before, for the first Chinese anti-dumping local document -- "Zhejiang province to deal with the export of anti-dumping measures" introduced, this means that the foreign trade in Zhejiang province will focus on the export of anti dumping early warning prevention and response response and tracking assessment of three basic links gradually, formed by government departments, industry organizations, enterprises, effective linkage "three-in-one" mechanism. anti dumping "disaster" Zhej Cheap foamposites for sale iang is a large province of trade of our country, the trade surplus accounted for about 40% of the country. However, trade province is behind the international trade dispute frequent reality. From the beginning of this year, the EU launched the "shoes anti-dumping" that many people impressed, because it is a boom to Zhejiang shoe industry has brought great impact. Once fame Wenzhou shoe, and even suffered a sharp drop in orders for 1/3 difficulties. Moreover, Zhejiang is the trade friction the fastest growth rate of the provinces. survey data released by authoritative departments show that in 2002, 2003, 2004 Zhejiang suffered anti-dumping investigation cases were 12, 19 and 26, the amount of $213 million, $362 million and $512 million, an increase of 48% and 56%. enterprise consciousness from weak to strong Chinese as the first to change the preliminary anti-dumping decision and give the "market economy status" of the enterprise, "Connaught successfully reversed", is on the mechanical and electrical import and Export Chamber of Commerce, foreign economic and Trade Office, the Ministry of Commerce Bureau of fair trade for many communicat cheap jordans ion, and finally by the Chinese the relevant government departments to consultations with the EU, the European Union finally changed the unjust verdict on "manolet". In this regard, Zhejiang Connaught machinery Limited by Share Ltd President Ding Yi told the "China Sankei Shimbun" said: "this is our experience." however, the respondent only passive link. "Always catch a fire, struggling with no, must start from the prevention, the establishment of early warning -- to -- tracking mechanism." Zhejiang province)Custom unit Ecentrik Artistry recently as shoe fans presented his latest custom works, this with the Air Jordan 3 Fire Red blueprint for the design, selection of lake blue and many color as the shoe body color, with black dotted, make you think of the Air Jordan 3 Powder Blue? code_blue_4.jpg (251.09 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 3 Code Blue customized version of 2014-8-6 23:36 upload code_blue_8.jpg (310.71 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 3 Code Blue customized version of 2014-8-6 23:36 upload code_blue_2.jpg (295.25 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 3 Code Blue customized version of 2014-8-6 23:36 uploa Cheap air jordans for sale d code_blue_3.jpg (305.84 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 3 Code Blue customized version of 2014-8-6 23:36 upload code_blue_1.jpg (222.68 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 3 Code Blue customized version of 2014-8-6 23:36 Air Jordan 3 Code upload , Blue, aj3, custom shoes, aj3 00Following the previous "Grandslam" clothing line released, Japan's leading jeans brand EVISU recently issued a brand new 2015 autumn and winter series of costumes. The fan with "Playful Nostalgia" in the name, of course, with retro as the main, to draw inspiration from street art, graffiti and other youth culture of the 1990s, adding bold colors with eye-catching design elements, combined with collage design, release denim jacket, sweater, pants and other ride lined a single product. Which of course the iconic jeans EVISU single product, also injected a playful pattern reveals a complex whole wacky fun charm. It is reported that a single product series is now on sale, like a friend can be considered a start.German sports giant PUMA recently launched the new Disc Sleeve Ignite Form training shoes, officially cited that ho into the future of Disc technology. The appea cheap air jordans rance and released last year of AUTODISC automatic chalaza shoe concepts quite a bit similar, both slender shoe body contour, or advanced ignite sole unit. They are representative of the brand in recent years, the flagship of the new design style. As for seamless breathable uppers design woven like upper texture, and retro disc lacing system of blessing, embodies the brand in the field of innovation and active thinking. It is reported that the shoes have been purchased by Titolo, priced at $$140. source: HYPEBEAST& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] can be said Li Ning, "China Nike (Nike)" it? In fact, not at all. If the shoe Li Ning (Li Ning) follow the current trajectory, it will stop at a similar point that Nike and Nike trademark similar. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; of the same name created by the gymnast Li Ning sports shoes and apparel manufacturing retailer headquartered in Beijing, between 2002 to 2009, revenues increased by 9 times, each share earnings increased 10-fold. However, in January last year at the headquarters of Nike footwear brand Li Ning - The United States opened its first retail store in Portland, Oregon, this kind of devel Retro jordans for sale opment of a given type of malpractice certainly starting to show. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; shoe Li Ning to build China's largest sports brand sales network, with 7,748 retail outlets, but only 474 managed directly by Li Ning, the remaining 60 shops % from approximately 2,000 retailers inexperienced operators, they do not want to empty out of season stock price, therefore leaving little room for new high-value products. In June last year, we have been unable to solve the problem of weak orders trademark Li Ning was slightly modified, and introduced a new slogan: "Make the change" (make changes). But all this does not make the situation better. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; For investors, they are not only selling Li Ning (Since then, shares have fallen 42 percent), there is a similar distribution problems also sell to other manufacturers and retailers, such as Anta ( Anta), Xtep (Xtep) and 361 degrees (361 Degrees) and the like. In the meantime the only rising Chinese sports shoes and apparel stocks are Baosheng (Pou Sheng), which rose by 37%. Bao Sheng is a pure retailer, large retail distribution of Nike, Adidas (adidas), Reebok (Reebok) and Puma (puma) and other brands. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; to some extent, if you can to preferred franchisees and then sell a few percentage points of wholesale discount, footwear brand Li Ning may be able in the next two years on the domestic rationalization of distribution networks simultaneously maintain market share. However, the international shoe giant Nike will also easily become its most profitable markets to invest heavily in China. At the same time, Credit Suisse (Credit Suisse) data related to Chinese sports shoes and apparel consumption shows the challenges facing difficulty lining. When family income over 7000 yuan (about $ 1,000), Chinese consumer preferences will shift from domestic brands overseas brands. And other large consumer goods, as in sports shoes and sports vest market, Chinese companies want to become the world champion who seems far from conquered the local market, not to mention other countries in the.immediately after last month's "SNES US" NBA Jam, Freaker Sneaks shoes custom units draw inspiration from the NES Air Jordan 4, again to create a new custom color. Extract the NES game representative white, grey, black and red colors of classic shoe body and the sole Air Jordan 4 Super Mario Bros. will make only superficial changes, "Dunk" and "Hunt" retro games were present on both sides of the tongue, and in addition to the heel of the control button details, specially made Jumpman game card tag also known as one of the highlights. This pair of custom Air Jordan 4 "NES" will be in the official website of Sneaks Freaker limited edition. Click here to view full gallery at Hypebeast.comJordan Brand to KAWS, will bring the official shelves at the end of March, in addition to the Air Jordan 4 based on the sneaker, will also have rich matching costumes debut. KAWS x Air Jordan and the double 4 not only has the elements of the classic XX blessing, exquisite detail, and gorgeous texture suede material, and luminous outsole! Want to let the audience unable to restrain the emotions in the bag! But with no want small plans, only one reason is that I am afraid to God with difficulty! Only 2000 pairs of limited global rumors! At present, the pre-sale price has slowly moved to million yuan level! Send the price is up to $$350, Chinese area is also on sale may, the estimated price at $2499 RMB. is for those who will enter the ashes of small game player, can only silently bless your wallet! number: 930155-003 release date: the end of March price: $350Jordan Brand will offer a Air Jordan 11 as the highlight in recent years at the end of this year, it is reported that by the end of this year or will offer a mainly red Air Jordan 11, will have a Carmelo Anthony PE as a prototype, you look forward to it? 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