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despite the emergence of a large number of well-known national sports shoes brand in a short time, but there is no particularly prominent brand, twenty brands in a melee, so that consumers can not find out the difference between them in Jinjiang. in a small town -- Fujian southeast of Chendai, more than 3000 of the shoes. From the reform and opening up the handicraft workshop has , become the world sports shoes production base. The number of athletic shoes produced here is more than 5 billion pairs per year, and the quantity sold abroad is 500 million pairs, and its output accounts for 75% of the domestic sports shoes. Relying on primitive accumulation, some enterprises have made great progress and created their own brands. , and the road to this brand is very rapid and similar. Look at the CCTV sports channel has almost become the Jinjiang channel: Anta, XTEP, Buick, de Erhui, xdlong, music, Jordan and so on ad you Changba me play, lively and extraordinary. And its form is also very similar, please in the rough screen advertising and advertising language is simple in all of Jay Chou, Aaron Kwok, Andy Lau, Cecilia Cheung, Nicholas Tse, Stefanie Sun, F4, dawn, Jordan Chan King class star. licensing movement Jinjiang shoe-making enterprises are mostly small and medium-sized, and they are highly competitive with each other. From the enterprise scale, the number of employees in 100-400 enterprises accounted for 68.29% of the total number of enterprises, less than 100 people accounted for 19.5%, 400 or more accounted for 12.20%. Jinjiang is now well-known and large-scale footwear enterprises in the business - mostly done OEM processors, very understanding of the impact of OEM for the development of enterprises and the resistance, so eager to have its own sales channels and brand reform, reduce the risk of market and management. 1999, after careful consideration, decided to follow the Anta brand to create Cheap jordans online sports brand brand spokesperson as a breakthrough. Young, energetic and energetic world champion Kong Linghui became the image spokesperson for Anta sports shoes. With Kong Linghui, "I choose, I like", from CCTV five sets of gold advertising time broadcast, making Anta sports shoes affinity, influence and brand awareness has been an unprecedented upgrade. Just one or two years, Anta from an unknown brand suddenly jumped to the first brand of Chinese sports shoes, the market share of 13.4%. Anta successfully led the Jinjiang footwear brand revolution, set off a storm like the brand made movement. From 2000 to 2001, two years ago, in addition to Anta, there have been more than 30 Jinjiang footwear brands in CCTV and five sets of continuous appearance. According to statistics, during the meantime, the total amount of Jinjiang shoe advertising in CCTV broadcast more than two hundred million yuan per year. Almost all follow Anta's approach. ) with a whistle, and the "Olympic" player run from 56 cities group family, female athletes foot stiletto heels as antelope gallop, male athletes legs clip the ball like a duck swing forward, funny scene the audience laugh over the day! This is the newspaper and sales Mao jointly organized by the "fun" "Olympic Games" the first event, funny relay run scene. yesterday morning, the shopping mall on the square luoguxuantian, enthusiastic cheerleaders has the scene of the temperature to the boiling point. At 10:30 the start of the race, the audience soon found that "high heels" team strength is really strong: I saw on the heels of ladies like hot wheels, all such as antelope swallow such as on the track gallop (see photo), the blink of an eye the baton to his friend's hand. Men's situation is bad, the ball between his knees struggling, twist twist, jump, sometimes like a duck right, sometimes like a frog jumping?, accidentally broke some ass up...... But the players all the tim Cheap foamposites for sale e laugh, many participants cheerfully said: this evening praise interesting, memorable! Let us ordinary people have the opportunity to use practical action to express their expectations of the Olympic games! Wang Shasha, the elder sister and younger brother Wang Chu finally combined with 30.53 seconds of "gold", get one thousand yuan cash reward. (Editor: admin) 2012-2-8 upload and download attachments at 10:00 (147.09 KB) Michael Jordan's girlfriend's brother Carlos Prieto released photos of Air Jordan 4 "Fire Red" engraved on their twitter! Many similar models have appeared before, such as "Laser", "4" or "Mars" 4, but this "Fire Red" will be the first original sale of shoes, and I believe it will be a very sought after shoe in the future. After more information about Air Jordan 4, "Fire Red", please lock our follow-up report. CLOT the new spring and summer 2009 short TEE to all kinds of scary totem is the focus on design, of course, the undead Jason face the most attention. The strong release of dark energy, black color. NIKE today (New York time on February 21, 2012) published a series of summer track and basketball and other sports Dian designed lightweight Dian leading innovative technology and innovative products. The new products include a variety of published sneakers Nike Flyknit Dian American basketball uniforms and a new generation of Nike Lunarlon shoes. Nike global presentation held in New York, to attend the event in addition to Nike president and chief executive Mark Parker, as well as one of the greatest track and field athlete Carl Lewis Dian Deron Williams (New Jersey Nets and the 2008 US men's basketball team members) Dian Tamika CATchings (2004 and 2008 US women's basketball team members) Dian Carmelita Jeter (World Championships 100 meters world champion Dian earth today's fastest woman) Dian and Walter Dix (World Championship silver medalist). They jointly issued a Nike latest i Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale nnovations. Mark Parker said: "We believe that innovation and technology published today is likely to change athletes race results Nike has been committed to providing the best innovative technology for athletes in different areas, and today we use. A very shocking way to do the .Nike Flyknit uppers of sports shoes is redefined: its light weight, almost seamless, like a second skin and feet from a single block of material uppers precision processing significant reduction in the production process of the waste, "Nike Flyknit:. for jogging shoes after rethinking architecture, Nike Flyknit is undoubtedly a revolutionary new technology. Reference to the recommendations of athletes, this innovative technology to make jogging shoes like socks generally very light and fit, so that players will not even notice ran several miles to the weight of the foot. After intensive reaction of the whole foot projection research and years of testing, Nike's proprietary technology enables support of strengthening the shoe which the foot pressure area, where the need to improve the permeability breathable. So Nike Flyknit than 2008 men's Olympic marathon champion wearing Nike shoes, 35 percent lighter, finish the marathon, wearing Nike Flyknit save energy equivalent to 1.8 tons of energy, almost equal to the weight of a midsize car. Nike Pro Turbospeed: Nike Pro Turbospeed Nike sportswear is the lightest ever fastest race Dian sportswear. Test results are shown in the 100 meters race, Nike Pro Turbospeed than previous Nike sportswear 0.023 seconds faster athletes. In the past 12 years, after more than 1,000 hours of wind tunnel testing, Nike's Swift project (Project Swift) sustained breakthrough, improved Nike Aero Swift excellent technology, designed to help top athletes achieve faster speeds. The use of the technology include the United States to participate in international competitions in Germany and China Dian athletes. Its global Cheap air jordans for sale color version will be released in April, when Nike sponsored athletes in individual competition in wearing them, it will also launch a joint Russian Athletics Association color version. Which striking elements of the national identity and sportswear will combine technological innovation. Sustainability performance, and will be the focus of one of the summer events. Sportswear fabrics which uses an average of 13 recycled plastic bottles. Nike Zoom Spikes: Nike launched its first ultra-light Nike Zoom Superfly R4 and Nike Zoom Victory Elite spikes. Excellent fit and protection support, with Nike Flywire technology, make the shoes with the natural movement of the foot to relax or tighten, thus helping to provide support and stability. These top running shoes will help athletes to speed as the core, to play the best level. Nike Hyper Elite Basketball Uniform: USAB first introduced in the United States basketball team jerseys Nike Hyper Elite shorts shorts than ordinary light 397 grams (14 ounces). In terms of shirts, Nike basketball jersey is the lightest jersey ever, breathable Dian durable, and printed with striking Nike Aerographics pattern. Men's shirts from about 96% from recycled plastic bottles made of polyester fibers, average per shirt 12 recycled plastic bottles, which implements the commitments Nike environmental design concept. Wearing a jersey which include the United States national basketball team Dian China and Brazil. Nike Hyperdunk: Nike Hyperdunk belong to Nike Lunarlon series, which has four shoes (including running shoes Dian also men's and women's training shoes training shoes), a combination of innovative Dian Nike Flywire technology and a basketball design for the Nike Lunarlon cushioning system, makes the whole shoes lighter, support better, more durable, more breathable, better meet the needs of the world's top basketball players. redesigned Nike Lunarlon foam than Phylon (sneakers standard f Retro jordans for sale oam insole use) is 30% lighter, and the density is different in different parts in the thicker parts of the need stable, in the need to absorb Shock parts softer. Nike Hyperdunk uppers using the most advanced Nike Flywire technology used to braid wrapped core structure of high-strength cable. These responses with good cable relaxing at rest, during exercise taut, to help stabilize the foot. Nike Taiwan commodity inquiry / purchase Nike flagship store in Taipei Neo19: Matsuhisa Road, Taipei No. 32 / 02-27232860 Taiwan Nike shop complete list: Click here& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;? [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] just led the Miami Heat to win the championship, LeBron James will be airborne Guangzhou today, starting now Schaller Brown Basketball Tour event the first stop. It is reported that James currently participate in activities in the Philippines, he will fly to Guangzhou this morning. But this argument has not been confirmed. Comparison of the exact whereabouts of James is tonight "raid" a basketball court in Tianhe District. This summer, Nike launched JUSTDO IT brand activities, to encourage young people to get out at 20:00 -10, enjoy sports. As a basketball superstar LeBron in Guangzhou Guangzhou trip included visits to major sports venues, to share with the wonderful sport of basketball fans. So fans pay attention, tonight to play the Milky Way, maybe James suddenly appeared in your side. James tomorrow travel is still very tense. According to the plan, tomorrow 13:00, James W Hotel in Guangzhou (Pearl River New City, Tianhe District, Xiancun Road 26) to participate in a NBA2KOl players will meet. 14:30, he rushed to the Grandview Plaza, Guangzhou Nike brand experience stores, to meet with fans. And then later, he will also participate in a Hip-Hop music party, but the location has not been disclosed. Secret "Emperor" stroke July 24 Wednesday 18:30-20:30 Location: Tianhe District & times; & times; basketball LeBron will "raid" Tianhe District basketball court. Concrete basketball court address is not disclosed, but ran a large venue, many people playing a golf course right opinions. James was so close to the people, a bold guess, he is likely to end up with the fans Guoji Zhao. Thursday, July 25 13:00-13:30 Location: Guangzhou W Hotels (Pearl River New City, Tianhe District, Xiancun Road 26) June 9, NBA2KOnline formal cooperation with James. This time James went to Guangzhou, but also did not forget to find time to meet with the gamers. James will play games together and what the players. (Do not miss the opportunity to abuse the game master James ah.) 14:30 Location: Guangzhou Nike brand experience stores (No. 228 Tianhe Road, Grandview Plaza, 1-3) this has a lot of fans came from overseas, just to see the " Emperor "style. James will go to the Nike brand experience stores in Guangzhou to meet with these fans. It is reported that, then there will be a mystery guest from Guangzhou Hengda attend. Champions dialogue championship, very Aspect. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News, Media Partners: Apparel IT) to celebrate the station 23 flagship store located in Chicago, Jordan Brand first hung a huge banner, the white background and black word "from Chicago - for Chicago" huge posters. Overwhelmed and on the CTA red line trains were a about Michael Jordan legend and air jordan sneaker culture pattern for decoration, the intention to let each Chicago citizens know station 23 flagship store opened. source: solecollectorWe just reported the "POPEYE" magazine to create BEDWIN & amp; THE HEARTBREAKERS 2014 spring and summer style with, this time we bring the adidas Originals X BEDWIN & amp; THE HEARTBREAKERS 2014 spring and cooperation models. The sports brand and fashion brands want to crash, always give us surprises, launched the BW Desert Chukka, BW ZX500 mid, BW Loafer, BW CVS mid and BW Stan Smith 5 ?? shoes. With beige tone design, with the zipper and wave point elements. Easy to match the shoes to create a single product, it was very impressive.casualties: the number is increasing, as of 13 zero, the death toll in Sichuan has reached nearly 10000 people. More than 500 people died in Sichuan, Deyang, and 2000 people were buried. 323 people were killed in Chengdu. More than 300 students were killed in a school in Dujiangyan. At 9:30 on May 13th, 92 people were killed in Shaanxi. In Gansu, the death toll rose to 186. Finance: the central government allocated 700 million yuan of funds for disaster relief according to the CPC Central Committee and the State Council unified deployment, in order to help the earthquake disaster emergency relief work, the evening of May 12th, the central government allocated to the Sichuan earthquake emergency relief funds 700 million yuan, of which: comprehensive financial subsidies 500 million yuan, and for the rescue and relief work in earthquake stricken areas; natural disaster emergency living allowance 200 million yuan funds for affected people evacuated. May 13th, to Gansu, Shaanxi, and Yunnan, Chongqing earthquake disaster emergency allocated 160 million yuan of emergency life grant funds, including Gansu, Shaanxi, Yunnan, Chongqing 50 million yuan, 30 million yuan each. rescue: more than 1300 officers and men have arrived on foot in Yingxiu Town, Wenchuan County, the epicenter of the latest news: Chengdu military region sent medical units and a group of 1300 people have arrived in Dujiangyan, about 20 kilometers from Yingxiu Town, Wenchuan, launched search and rescue in the rain. Chengdu military region 700 officers and men overcome landslides, aftershocks, rain day and night annexation, will soon arrive in Maoxian, Chengdu army and more than three thousand officers and men to the Wenchuan County movement, the front line troops will arrive. supplies: 320 thousand ml of air transported to Sichuan, Hebei 5 million disaster relief Hebei provincial government to support disaster relief in Sichuan, has allocated 5 million yuan in relief funds, this morning has been remitted, also organized the earthquake and rescue team of 30 people will be in Tangshan this afternoon, a point of view, the medical team also starting in the afternoon. Sichuan last night gave emergency electricity to Hebei Province, badly in need of beds, quilts and cotton underwear. They were also ready to be shipped this afternoon. According to the relevant national blood command center of the Ministry of health, four in the morning has put 320 thousand ml of blood was shipped to Beijing, now has flown to the disaster areas in Sichuan, is now ready to mobilize social donation work, once suffered a major earthquake in Tangshan at present, has donated ten million yuan, Baoding also donated cars and a large number of candles. (Editor: admin)Kobe fans in time and again finally return to the court, we can finally enjoy again by Kobe led the Lakers play the game. At the same time, we are also worried that Kobe would not because of injuries again away from us, for Kobe to create a Kobe Nike X is expected to. Although Kobe X has been unable to publish, but against the Suns Nicks, Kobe foot on the new Nike Kobe 9 Elite or make us feel happy. In order to highlight his unparalleled flexibility, or to help to design low, upper is made of white Flyknit woven material covering, and in the end and by showing purple tongue. nike-kobe-9-elite-low-white-purple-pe-1.jpg (161.58 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe 9 Elite Low Kobe Bryant PE 2014-10-22 19:42 upload nike-kobe-9-elite-low-white-purple-pe-2.jpg (206.95 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe 9 Elite Low Kobe Bryant PE 2014-10-22 19:42 upload the Lakers, Suns, Kobe, Nike 00