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From the new global business area architecture Nike recently announced, the Chinese market has become more important keywords. Nike announced March 20, the original four global service area to adjust the Nike brand into six regions. The original four business area for the United States region, the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa region; six business area Adjusted for North America, Western Europe, Eastern Central Europe, Greater China, Japan region and emerging markets . Nike new "territory", the Greater China region to become a separate business area. Nike announced Willem Haitink aspects former general manager of China as the Greater China region responsible person, the official liter level. Previously affiliated with Greater China Asia-Pacific region, after the adjustment, the Asia-Pacific region revoked, Greater China, responsible directly to the Nike headquarters, visible Nike's Asia-Pacific market, including China's favor. The new business area division helps Nike to achieve cuts of 4% target. Due to the impact of the international financial crisis, Nike March 18 released the 2009 fiscal third-quarter earnings report showed that Nike quarter sales revenue of $ 4.4 billion, down 2%. Asia Pacific sales grew 8% to $ 806 million. financial crisis this year, on February 10, Nike announced a wide range of internal restructuring, layoffs will reach a maximum of 4%, Nike currently employs worldwide around 35,000 employees. Adjust the Nike brand global business area, the United States and the Americas region merged into North America, the Asia-Pacific region revocation, the layoffs are part of Nike. as the global economy picks up, the textile industry is showing a steady pick-up. But recently, cotton, chemical fiber and other textile raw materials prices are not high, and the national tariff adjustment, once again to Quanzhou textile enterprises have brought the test. industry insiders said, the downstream industry chain limited to price affordability, sudden raw material prices skyrocketing, it may be some textile enterprises back into the bottom. At present, the rising prices of raw materials are difficult to transmit to the downstream, and the risk of the whole textile industry chain is accumulating. raw material price "" Quanzhou textile industry has jordan 3 katrina 2018 developed a relatively high demand for cotton yarn, and Fujian is not China's cotton producing areas, the required basic cotton yarn weaving enterprises from other provinces to buy. Mr. Cai, head of a textile mill, said: "most of the cotton yarn in Quanzhou market is transferred from the field, and the majority of them are mainly made of Xinjiang cotton."." recently, chemical fiber, cotton textile raw materials market there has been a wave of skyrocketing prices fall over each other, chemical fiber with polyester represented per ton rose about 1500 yuan, cotton and other textile raw materials rose two thousand or three thousand yuan per ton, the magnitude of the downstream enterprises by surprise. "the cheapest polyester rose 1500 yuan per ton."." Mr. Cai introduced, from last September onwards, polyester prices straight up, and some high-grade polyester yarn prices rose as high as several thousand dollars. : it is understood that polyester fiber is a synthetic fiber, a large number used in the manufacture of clothing fabrics. Driven by rising oil prices and an increase in supply gap, pet prices rose sharply in the fourth quarter of last year, and are currently between 11000 yuan / ton, -18000 yuan / ton. in addition, in all kinds of textile raw materials, cotton rose by as much as 20%. Mr. Cai introduced early in September last year, affected by the operating rate of cotton production and a rise of textile enterprises, cotton prices from 13 thousand yuan / ton rose to the highest 15 thousand and 700 yuan / tons. spinning costs increased by not only cotton, chemical fiber and other textile raw materials prices, electricity, coal and other factors of production prices are still high. it is understood that the current coal prices rise into the channel, the port of Qinhuangdao trading center heat 5500 kcal Shanxi excellent mix of coal trading prices have risen, dyes and additives are also the volatility of crude oil prices, non residential price per kilowatt hour average)The classic true to life snakeskin shoes this design to take on an altogether new aspect, custom shoes game player love, at the same time, the official Nike also launched Air Python. The combination of Air Jordan 1 and Air Force 2 appearance as a new selling point, black shoes were covered with Golden Snake, finally with white rubber sole. nike-air-python-black-gold-1_nt0wwz.jpg (86.33 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Python Snakeskin new color 2016-7-16 12:53 upload nike-air-python-black-gold-5_oadozn.jpg (106.16 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Python Snakeskin new color 2016-7-16 12:53 upload nike-air-python-black-gold-6_oadozv.jpg (69.02 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Python Snakeskin new color 2016-7-16 12:53 upload nike-air-python-black-gold-2_oadot7.jpg (62.57 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Python Snakeskin new color 2016-7-16 12:53 upload nike-air-python-black-gold-3_oadoz3.jpg (65.79 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Python Snakeskin new color 2016-7-16 12:53 upload nike-air-python-black-gold-4_oadozb.jpg (37.98 KB, download number: 0) download 0Flyknit knitted shoes again with the best partner Multicolor color perfect combination, bringing the present Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit "Multi-Color"". familiar with colorful uppers, with the details of the pure white, further highlights the vamp colorful. Grey AJ11 time and again not to sell finally to the total in the country have listed. As the first sale of New York City, SNEAKER is ranked in the first time, in order to wear the Cool Grey you have to first time to cold line, but look at you this pair of HIGH like Niketown, queuing and what?Nike Air Max 90 "Quilted" color series is now available for sale at 2016-09-05 11:25:22 with autumn and winter approaching, we also ushered in the brand brings us a brand new design of shoes oh. Today, Nike brought you a group of Air Max 90 called "Quilted". The uppers were made of nylon cloth and suede material, which made the texture and sense of movement guaranteed. Interested friends can go to the Nike official website and shop to see it, autumn and winter collocation depends on it. Air Jordan 10 "Doernbecher" will be on sale tomorrow 2013-12-09 00:04:00One of the eight pairs of shoes as Nike x Doernbecher Freestyle 10th anniversary Doernbecher x memorial; Air Jordan 10 upon exposure is very popular, small designer Pena to BMX Daniel; the tire mark design inspiration, especially on the upper painting personality. The high-profile shoes will be officially on sale in November 23rd, priced at $170, the number of 636214-066 love, do not miss a friend.0.jpg (365.46 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-2-5 upload at 10:24 0.jpg (118.38 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-1-23 upload at 15:50 with Adidas in the history of the best shoes Ultra BOOST release, with industry leading performance for energy feedback technology revolutionary BOOST out of the bold new steps. New York city in the conference site, hundreds of running enthusiasts from all over the world witnessed Youhan · Blake (Yohan Blake), David · David Villa (David Villa), Sami Watkins (Sammy Watkins) and a group of elite athletes of this revolutionary technology to express loyalty. Through field test demonstration using "to meet the world's athletes for more feedback of energy demand, we are committed to creating a hitherto unknown optimal running shoes, in Ultra BOOST we achieved this goal." The executive committee member of the global brand Adidas · Eric (Eric Liedtke); litke said, "Adidas BOOST technology to enhance the industry standards and will continue to dare to follow people to develop new path in energy running journey." Energy feedback free stretchUltra BOOST with the sale period is approaching, the Kyrie 2 overwhelmed and new color real exposure, in addition to an iconic, similar to the in suit and tie and black and white tone cross straps, on the side of the shoe added mirage of decorative patterns; the color is expected on December 15 officially on sale, No. 819583-901, its whether is the first color is still unknown. Source: cjsoles running, the most direct is the feet and the ground contact the, just like the tyres and suspension system of automobile driving stability and comfort of general, running shoes running efficiency and the movement injury plays an important role in, is the so-called work desire kind thing, must first sharpen its, we in running the free and relax the self movement, in addition to pay attention to posture is correct or not, choose a suitable own shoes, is also a very important one. protection, suspension, and air the right running shoes can provide good coverage and stability, so that the foot is in contact with the ground, lateral movement, or pavement level change is not easy to sway, to reduce the torsion of possible damage, good shock resistance and elastic can absorb impact from the road surface, in order to protect the soles of the feet, ankles, knees and and legs forces effectively delivered to the pavement, improve the running efficiency. permeability for long distance runners is also very important, feet in the shoes in constant motion and friction, long feet will swell, increased the temperature inside the shoe, if not effective heat dissipation, the foot is really quite uncomfortable. Wear resistance of sole for long-distance running habits runners, running shoes consumption is amazing, affecting the durability of the shoes is not only sole wear, will affect the bottom and the shoe body structure, making the function of the whole pair of running shoes affected, you can imagine if automobile tire wear serious, or is easy to slip, even if there is again good wheels and suspension system, driving stability is bound to affected. how to choose shoes on the Internet many famous road run website and choose a shoe forum has many shoe selection guide, such as runner's world, Mobile01 shoes got talent, but in different countries, different ethnic groups in the foot type are not the same, for people in America and Europe of the shoes is not necessarily suitable for Asian; different language and translation may cause misunderstanding, as & quot; pronation" a word is translated into internal and external rotation, has been translated into both inside and outside the double. this article first from the choice of running shoes, let everyone in the face an array of shoes, find a suitable for their own shoes, run happily, run healthily. 1. foot length in general, the measured barefoot feet long, plus on a centimeter or so is suitable for the shoes length, and sundial size (JP) is the shoes long as the basis, which is marked by the value is a shoe length; often seen selling shoes clerk to you to put on your running shoes and top to the front, see heel is left has enough space to judge the length, in fact, this is not the right approach. right should be the shoelaces tied feet right off the in a comfortable position, then the heel to withstand the sole. At this time feet of the front distance toe should leave a cm, or almost a thumb's width is everyone's habit of elastic, heel to well coated, stood up and walked a few steps, to see whether the loosening of foot. 2. foot 〉