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10 years, carrying a "traitor" reputation is undoubtedly the LeBron James, he in 10 years to leave the knights to the heat, and from the heat back in Cleveland, it seems that the two are not pleasing, but you can understand become home, and has brought back two championship rings. second controversy is the League was favored to McGrady, magic team as the core, the league's most influential one of the players, Tracy McGrady dutifully left magic to the Rockets, and career is not going out of the first round, from the point of view of the result is not necessarily a good choice, fortunately, there are thousands of Chinese fans love him, also calculate compensation. from collect myriad dotes on the city of heroes. To peoples reviled the funny clown, Vince & middot; Carter in Toronto Raptors zoned a thought-provoking trajectory. It is here that Carter has grown to become the world's attention basketball superstar, it is here, Carter away from his championship dream more and more far. But the longitudinal a disgruntled, Carter is not the injury on the grounds of slack jordans on sale mens , but not the repeated threat management for their own, the most in the final moments of the game intentionally to rival leak! Carter "leak" news came out, the whole city of Toronto are shocked! The incident also led directly to the Carter do. In the own basket team away game challenge Raptors game, full of insulting signs can be seen everywhere, "Vince woman embryo!" , "half man, half effort", "go to hell, a traitor!" "Vince is smelly," and so on, the fans rage simply put Carter ashes. As long as Carter on the pitch of the ball, the deafening sound will never stop too curse. if he chose, and an old friend of Stockton retired together, or is to continue on to the last days of stay in Salt Lake City, enjoys a career. At the moment, erected outside the Triangle Center arena is not just Stockton's bronze statue. In order to launch the final impact on the dream of the championship, the old Malone made a controversial decision to cause thousands of controversy: Farewell jazz, joined the lakers! Obviously, take only 100 million annual salary "postman" is definitely not Cheap jordans online for profit, not for score attention defensive attitude also proved he of "total score ranking" dismissive. Before Malone announced to join the Lakers, he first held a farewell event in the city of Saline Lake, to the fans expressed guilt and regret, but also urge all fans to forgive him for a total champion of the heart. Malone said: "I choked voice of the people in Losangeles, but the heart will always belong to the city of Saline Lake!" As Baggio refused to take a penalty in the face of the old lord, Malone in the season to the old club Bingge opposite tuobing. & quot; postman & quot; sincere and persistent eventually moved all the fans, they to Malone & quot; wanjiebubao & quot; not only did not the slightest complaint, instead the hero forever to send a blessing silently. O'Neal before joining the Lakers win, when the "traitor", he left magic let them get nothing, then left the Lakers, Kobe Bryant alone headed two years very difficult, Omni 〉Casio released the latest outdoor smart watches WSD-F10, with the Android mobile phone synchronization, like outd jordan shoes online sale oor or outdoor sports Fans a good choice. Casio WSD-F10 has 50 meters waterproof shell, more through the shockproof design and test of the American ordnance standard, is the first gold smart watch has the shockproof quality. Double structure design LCD display screen, color or monochrome in any environment are clearly seen. There are immediate heights, air pressure, and tide, and so on, whether it's a bike, a mountain, or a sea, is available in black, orange, green, and red. Casio WSD-F10 will be available for sale in April. Source: WERDjust gone through the London Olympics, surely you also unprecedented enthusiasm for the sport, and how they can create for themselves a pair with style sporty appearance, it will certainly be one of the priorities of concern to you. NIKE Sportswear has just released a new portfolio might be able to bring some inspiration for us: the US athletes Asthon Eaton and Kirani James personal interpretation, the overall shape tend to fit the style, though clothing styles and colors are more basic, but wins in the details part of the embellish cheap jordans ment, and can fit most daily sports can definitely become a classic case for you reference. & Nbsp; & nbsp; basic models, layer ride, roll-up, decorative details, does not sound somewhat familiar? The outfit the way from the streets is also clever use of the Nike sports styling, but when you see the match must be careful not to dominate, if simply concave shape to give up demands for functionality (such as light, perspiration etc.), it may some more harm than good. & nbsp; Source: SLAMXHYPE & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;Fujian Putian City Shoes prestige is a collection of independent production, operating as one of the private enterprises, take orders and on behalf of the processing business. Our brand shoes wholesale and retail AD Adidas Nike NIKE PUMA PUMA COV, etc. Converse sports shoes, casual shoes, basketball shoes, couple shoes, tennis shoes, running shoes and other different cortex (first laye foamposites for cheap r, the second layer of skin, A goods, super-A cargo, parallel, etc.) imitation shoes, high-precision imitation shoes, fine imitation of up to 1: 1, the product quality to support the inspection counter; fashionable fashion, really reasonable price advantage, quality commitment given assurance; Recruitment agents; heat invite people to expand our shoes together industry and international market, welcome to visit our plant for you! Tel: 13675029984 Contact QQ: 897794838 & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 85729242 wholesale website: http: // Penny series of new type Nike Lil Penny Posite, which is new color release shoes other futuristic, in the design of the Air Zoom Rookie and Nike Air Up two classic models, the essence of two shoes and integration. The new product is presented in large red with black details. The shoes are on sale for July 12th, at $180. ; Nike Basketball LeBron James · Mary High School alma mater St. Vincent; players offered a new year gift - -Zoom LeBron Soldier 9 SVSM series. main road colors are, I did not expect such a color is also very good, oh, ~! In April 14th, 2016, a curtain call for a great legend! Kobe Bryant entered NBA in 1996, and for 20 years has created many countless glory records. Just when Kobe left NBA for a year, Jordan Brand decided to bring back the classic Air Jordan 9 "Kobe"" in memory of him. white leather upper leather foil out dazzling embellishment, followed by the yellow "23" instead of "8", so the symbolic collocation, still a year of still not smooth the original regret. The model is on sale for $190. original design, Jordan /Air Jordan 9 Lakers PE 9 Joe Kobe white purple 302370-121 $1299 to buy The just concluded NBA finals G1, just as people speculated that Durant is a pair of shoes at the foot of the ordinary uniform color KD10. But it does not mean the Nike KD series is not big! Because KD11 have a big change! NBA: remember what is your first pair of shoes? KD: actually, I can't remember what is the first pair of shoes, but with the first pair of Nike shoes, probably in 1996, when I was in the fourth grade. I must wear it no matter where you go, gym, school, home. But after a year I really wear them on the pitch, the pair of shoes is the most wonderful memory for me. NBA: is there a pair of shoes you always want to have, until now has not had? KD: I was very eager to have a pair of Foamposite Hardaway to Foamposite One, from Penny to Tim Duncan to Foamposite Pro, the people around me are. But when my mother was unable to pay the price up to $200. Today, I finally got the opportunity to put his hand in the Foamposite above, the feeling is too great. NBA:Foamposite is the most of your feelings and never lose the shoes? KD: my feet are very large, so I can only choose some comfortable shoes. But there are some shoes in the walk up and not so comfortable, I would very much love. For example, Air Jordan 1, I have a lot of different color, they are very suitable for my style, just like with jeans all-match. love AJ1 NBA: do you have a pair of shoes to wear to play as long as you can let the fans climax? KD: Honestly I don't know the tastes of users. A pair of Air Jordan can make them happy? If you have to answer, I will choose the Pippen shoes. I have many Pippen shoes, all kinds of colors are. And I also very much through the shoes, if I put those things out, you can set me in a shoe ring position. NBA: outside the stadium, you most love what to wear shoes? KD: I almost everywhere like to wear black and red color of Air Jordan 1, I love a little decadent feeling, the shoes do not have to daily clean as new, even dirty looks good. In my opinion, this is a good way to wear. My shoes are not many, you see I'm still wearing shoes. I always wear low shoes because they are really comfortable, the rest is my "Joe", I often wear it. Until now, the other is engraved my shoes are less on foot. NBA: in your team, who is the number one shoe fan?0.jpg (256.48 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-1-29 upload at 15:22 1.jpg (824.29 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-1-29 upload at 15:22 0.jpg (756.7 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-11-13 10:46 upload